Orthodontic Treatment for Children & Teens

The perfect time for your child’s first orthodontic consultation is around the age of 7 years old.

Early orthodontic support is great for establishing your child’s oral hygiene routine. It is an essential part of their development and often, their overall well-being.

Booking your child in for an orthodontic consultation is something to consider when they reach the age of 7 years old as our specialists can assess your child’s teeth and jaws to identify any potential orthodontic problems. Treatment may not necessarily be required, but the consultation will mean you can plan for any potential treatment in the years to come.


Orthodontic treatment for teenagers

Fortunately for teenagers, the days of wearing large metal braces are a thing of the past. There are a number of discreet orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign®, suitable for teenagers which are both subtle and comfortable to wear, giving your young adult a more enjoyable orthodontic experience.

Orthodontic treatment for teenagers

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment

  • Early diagnosis of possible orthodontic problems
  • Limit the extent of treatment required in later years
  • Budget for any future treatment plans
  • Build familiarity with dental clinic environment
  • Establishment of good oral hygiene practices

To find out what orthodontic treatment your child or teen may need now or in later years, book their free consultation with our specialist team today.

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Benefits of early  orthodontic treatment