Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring is best described as simple and easy virtual orthodontic appointments. Your time is precious, and so is your smile. That’s why at Bishops Stortford Orthodontics, we offer an exciting new technology that enables our Specialist Orthodontist to monitor your treatment progress without regular visits to our practice.


How does Dental Monitoring work?

Once you have started your chosen treatment, we will help you download the Dental Monitoring app onto your phone so that you are ready for weekly remote treatment check-ins.

Through the Dental Monitoring app, you will upload regular photos of your teeth. These are assessed by your Specialist Orthodontist who will ensure your teeth are moving according to your custom plan.

This high-quality tracking system is personalised to your unique case and will help us to keep track of your progress, without needing to see you face to face. It also provides you with a platform for direct communication with your Specialist Orthodontist.

How does  Dental Monitoring work?

How will I benefit from Dental Monitoring?

  • You receive orthodontic care without frequent visits to the clinic.
  • You can simply take and upload pictures of your teeth from anywhere.
  • Dental Monitoring gives you the freedom to carry on with your life while creating your best smile.

When you choose orthodontic treatment with Bishops Stortford Orthodontics, you can have the peace of mind that we are monitoring your progress carefully. Experience modern orthodontic treatment with Dental Monitoring technology.

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How will I benefit from Dental Monitoring?