Treatment for private patients

Many of our patients initially come to us based on a referral from their dentist, however you can also join us as a private patient.

We would invite all of our adult patients to a free consultation before embarking on your orthodontic treatment journey. This enables you to find out which orthodontic treatment best suits you and your needs, how long treatment will take, and how much it may cost.


Your first appointment

After making your first appointment, we will send you a Welcome Practice pack. This serves as an initial introduction to The Limes, Bishops Stortford Orthodontics, and includes information on the different treatment services we provide.

At your first consultation, you will be met by our friendly Treatment Coordinator. At this appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your expectations of treatment, find out what your best treatment options are and get a feel for the practice by meeting some of our team who will be looking after you.

Your first  appointment

Treatment progress

Once your orthodontic appliance has been selected and fitted, we invite you to come in for regular check ups. This allows us to see how well your teeth are doing. At this point, we may tighten your braces or present you with a new set of aligners, depending on the type of treatment you are undergoing. This is all part of the progress of your treatment.

When your teeth have moved into their new position and your appliance has been removed, we'll fit you with a retainer. This removable retainer will help keep your teeth straight as you transition away from your fixed appliance. Your retainer should be worn both day and night immediately after treatment and then after some time, it can be worn just at night. We'll advise you on this at your appointment and include any tips to help maintain good oral hygiene.


Treatment progress

Financing your treatment

We understand that orthodontics can seem expensive. This is why we have payment plans in place to help you finance your treatment. The cost of your treatment will depend on the type of appliance you receive, but could range in price from £2,800 - £4,500.

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Financing your  treatment