Treatment for independent patients

If you find that your child is not eligible for orthodontic treatment under the NHS, we can see them as an independent patient. As an independent patient, you have access to a few orthodontic treatments and the same high level of care at a reduced cost.


Your independent treatment journey

Before you can begin treatment as an independent patient, we will need to assess your orthodontic needs and discuss your treatment options. Not all types of orthodontic braces are available but we will explain this to you thoroughly at your assessment. We will also take an x-ray to help us assess your growth and development.

Once your braces have been fitted, we will ask you to attend regular checkups so we can monitor how well your teeth are moving into position. At these appointments, we may tighten your braces to ensure your teeth continue to move. Although this isn't a painful process, it can cause some discomfort, such as headaches, so you may wish to have some over-the-counter pain relief ready.

When your teeth have moved into their new position and your braces have been removed, we'll fit you with a removable retainer. This helps to keep your new smile beautifully straight. Initially, your retainer should be worn both day and night immediately after treatment and after a short period, you can wear it just at night. We will advise you on all of this in more detail at the appointment.

Your independent  treatment journey

Financing your treatment

As an independent patient, we can offer your treatment at a reduced cost. This option is for patients who do not qualify for NHS funding, or who do not wish to wait on the NHS waiting list.

We have payment plans available to help ensure the cost of treatment is affordable, which we can discuss with you at your initial consultation. The treatment plan is upper and lower fixed silver orthodontic appliances, fitted and maintained during NHS sessions. The fee for this treatment is £2400. Payment can be made by cheque, cash, debit card or credit card.

Please note, if you lose or break your brace, you may incur additional charges as this could prolong your treatment. It is therefore important to look after your appliance and follow your orthodontist's treatment instructions.

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Financing your  treatment